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Details on the Game Boy Evolution and GameCube Next

Peter Rojas

Nintendo LogoN-Sider has exclusive details on the next Game Boy (not the Nintendo DS, mind you), the Game Boy Evolution, and the next version of the GameCube, the GameCube Next.

No pics of either, of course, but the Game Boy Evolution won't be out until 2006 and is supposed to have a flip-top design similar to that of the Game Boy Advance SP, and will use mini-discs rather than cartridges (sounds sorta like the PlayStation Portable), have graphics quality like that of the Sega Dreamcast, built-in Bluetooth for wireless multiplayer gaming, and will be backwards-compatible with older Game Boy games, though it sounds like since it uses a disc you'll have to download the games onto the Game Boy Evolution's internal memory using some sort of adapter.

Then there's the GameCube Next. N-Sider actually lists two different sets of specs for the GameCube Next, it doesn't sound like Nintendo has settled on one configuration or the other yet. Both are listed as having 15GB hard drives and using high-capacity blue laser optical discs which can store a lot more than today's regular DVDs, and the actual design of the console is supposed to echo the Nintendo 64 rather than the original GameCube.

[Via hello, nintendo]

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