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It's sort of official: the BMW iPod Adapter

Peter Rojas
BMW iPod Adapter

We've just gotten semi-official confirmation on that iPod/BMW tie-up we mentioned this morning. MacMinute scored a sneak peek at a forthcoming two page advertisement for a "BMW iPod Adapter" that reads:

Control freaks, rejoice. The first seamless integration of iPod and automobile. Connect with your music like never before. With the installation of an integrated adapter developed by BMW and Apple — now available for the BMW 3 Series, X3 and Z4 — you can control your iPod through the existing audio system and multi-function steering wheel. Which means no loss of power. No loss of sound quality. And no loss of control.

No word on when this might come out, or how much it might cost, but if you can afford a BMW, you can probably afford an extra hundred bucks for an iPod adapter.

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