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Grand Haven, Michigan's citywide WiFi phone service

Peter Rojas
HP iPAQ h6300 Pocket PC Phone

In a story we wrote for Wired magazine a year ago about Voice over WiFi we sorta half-jokingly suggested that anybody willing to install enough hotspots could build their own wireless phone network on the cheap. Well somebody actually went out and did it. The area of coverage is only six square miles, Ottawa Wireless has created a wireless Voice over WiFi phone network for the city of Grand Haven, Michigan. Unlimited calls to anywhere in the US and Canada costs thirty bucks a month. Right now you have to buy a separate WiFi phone (there are a few available now), but in a few months you should be able to buy a cellphone with WiFi built-in, like Motorola's MPx and HP's iPAQ h6300 (pictured at right).

[Via GigaOm]

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