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More safety drinking devices



After posting the Drink Guard last week, a few kind readers pointed out a couple of companies' similar attempts to create devices to combat drug-induced date rape. The first is Alcotop, another UK creation, which are cheap (1.80/per) neon plastic bottle covers and look a bit like drinks= safe coasterDrink Guard's little raver cousin (the name is a play on words with Alcopop, which refers to fruity malt drinks like Bacardi Silver). Alcotops don't have any locking mechanism, but the idea is that the brightly-colored caps work as visual-deterrent alone. The other is The Drink Safe Coaster, which seems like the most practical product out of the three, and embeds two contamination tests on two corners of a bar coaster, enabling the patron to test their drink up to two times each. Yes, it's sad that we have to create elaborate devices to deter would-be date-rapists, but hey, thanks for trying.

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