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LockBox biometric hard drive


lockboxThe MicroSolutions LockBox updates your good old, well, lockbox (you know the one you stash in the back of your closet with some cash, passport and any special keepsakes you may have accumulated) for the modern era. Since all your incriminating photos financial documents are now digital they've made a box to match. Nothing too special here, it's just a USB2.0 hard drive (80GB, 100GB, 120GB versions, with "larger sizes" available) with a fingerprint scanner that can store up to eight users, each with two fingerprints. The drive can be one big block or can be partitioned into seven different drives, each with different access control. A nice touch, that, since it allows the thing to be realistically used by more than one person who may not want to share everything. The price information on the site can't be correct, since it says $199, regardless of which one you choose, so we assume that's the cost of the 80GB one and that prices go up with size.

[Via Gadgetopia]

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