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Live from DefCon: WiFi bouncing

Peter Rojas
WiFi droid

Josh's second report from DefCon:

Having trouble accessing that corporate network due to their new WiFi-proof wallpaper? Try a WiFi attack droid. Some clever hackers at the Shmoo Group made a device using a Sharp Zaurus, a 100 milliwatt Sanio wireless card, and some wires that fit into a tissue box (or another similarly-sized innocuous object. The idea is that you surreptitiously drop this thing off in an area with a WiFi network that you can't access and it sends a 900 MHz signal via a serial port transceiver to pass on the network. With a good antenna this means you can get online from as far as 40 miles away, though with the antenna shown you should be able to get about a mile or so of sneaky wireless access. A lithium battery should power this thing for up to four hours or so.

[Thanks, Eric and Pablo]

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