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Rio Nitrus goes on diet, comes out Rio Carbon

Ryan Block, @ryan
Rio Carbon small

We've gotta say, we're pretty stoked about the new Rio Carbon. The Rio line—especially the Nitrus—was already really minuscule for its class, but some recently surfaced side-by-sides prove that the Carbon is going to be even smaller—and yet still sport 5GB of storage. They're also making it mass-storage compliant (Rio players could previously load up with files, but only via software), which is a double-edged sword since many praised the Rio players' speed, which was attributed to its database filesystem. Also of concern is the rumor that the Carbon will be dropping gapless playback and OGG/FLAC playback; this would be a huge mistake, since they sell a huge amount of players based on those three features alone, and obviously are going to need whatever edge they can get over the iPod mini.

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