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"Watch this" Wednesday: The Camera Watch

casio camera watch

Last week we covered the USB Watch for storing PowerPoints on that wrist real estate— This week, it's a camera watch, specifically the Casio Color Camera Watch.

camera picsWhat it is: It's an all metal 25,344-pixel (176 x 144 pixels) color CMOS camera with 1-2X Zoom. You use the IR data port on the watch to transfer images to a computer. There's room for over 100 pictures and it of course has timekeeping, alarm, timer and calendar functions.

Why we like it: With "camera phonbia" on the rise, this little watch manages to get off some decent shots for when you just can't whip out your trusty phone.

Where to get it and how much: You can the Casio Color Camera Watch for as low as $129, we ordered ours through Casio, USA.

Oh, and as always here's a quick video tour (WindowsMedia) of just some of the watches we're going to cover in the next month or so.

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