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TiVo saves man from having to explain himself

Peter Rojas
Polyphonic Spree

Brian Teasley, a member of band/cult the Polyphonic Spree (that's them pictured at right, we're not sure which one is Brian), didn't think much of it when one of his checked bags didn't show up after a flight from Dallas to Birmingham, Alabama, but airport security in Dallas sure did. They freaked out over a custom-made microphone in his bag, and after shutting down five gates, Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport security officials proceeded to use a bomb disposal robot to remove the bag from the terminal and take it an open field. Unaware that all of this was going on, Teasley managed to fly home to Birmingham (so basically his bag wasn't fit to fly but airport security didn't see any problem with letting a person who may have been trying to bomb the plane get on board), filed the missing luggage paperwork when his bag didn't arrive along with him, and went home, where he was promptly visited by police officers and other people wearing bulletproof vests. So how'd he prove that his explosively rocking microphone wasn't actually an explosive device? He gathered all of the police and security officials around his television, where he showed them a recent episode of Craig Kilborn of the band performing (with said microphone) that he still had stored on his TiVo.

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