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First review of Orange's new SPV C500 Smartphone

Peter Rojas
Orange SPV C500

Paul over at MoDaCo has what we believe what might just be the very first hands-on with Orange's new SPC C500 Smartphone, which besides being the world's smallest Smartphone with a capital "S", is one of the world's smallest smartphone with a lowercase "S" as well. (See, "Smartphone" with a capital "S" means a cellphone running on Microsoft's Windows Mobile for Smartphones operating system, while "smartphone" with a lowecase "S" just means a regular old smartphone. Yes, it's confusing and frustrating and annoying.) Returning to the matter at hand, the C500 weighs just over 100 grams and has a built-in digital camera, Bluetooth, tri-band GSM/GPRS, 200MHz processor, three times the battery life of its predecessor, the E200, and one of those new miniSD expansion card slots. Cleary infatuated with his little friend, Paul describes it as "light years ahead of anything in the market", which is too bad since the C500 isn't likely to be carried by anyone over here.

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