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This fall the Mobile Cap is the new tinfoil hat

Ryan Block, @ryan
Mobile Cap

Caught in the hellish strife that is modern living, we're not sure anymore what we're more scared of: gas attacks or cellphone brain cancer. And naturally, as Americans, we consider baseball caps our first line of defense. CR Clean Air took care of the former, so thank god someone stepped up to the plate to still our raging Treo-induced-tumor fears: has the Mobile Cap, a hat designed with an RF-insulating earpiece lined with material "used by the military to shield missiles in extreme microwave exposed environments" which claims 99.999% signal blockage for only $39.99. The moral of the story? You're already going to look completely stupid wearing one or the other, so you might as well be extra safe and wear both at the same time.

[Via Reactual]

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