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SSEYO's miniMIXA takes your Pocket PC or Smartphone to clubland

Heather Sparks

SSEYO miniMIXAAs if there weren't too many DJs in the world already, now people who've never owned a record can become a celebrity DJ with their Smartphone and a new DJ mixing software app for Pocket PCs and Smartphones called SSEYO miniMIXA (there's already something somewhat similar available for Motorola phones) that promises to help you create hit mash-ups faster than you can say "DJ Keoki". The party gets really pumpin' when you start mashing up of downloadable audio and MIDI samples, ring tones, mic recording option, pre-recorded sound effects, and your own compressed audio files. Too bad miniMIXA isn't compatible with Nokia phones, there's nothing like a Nokia Tune, Hopping Bird two-step…

[Via The Inquirer]

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