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"Watch this" Wednesday: The Walkie-Talkie Watch


walkietalke watch

Last week we covered the TV watch, which is about as lonely and solitary as you can get with a gadget, but this week's gadget watch requires at least one other human, it's the Walkie-Talkie wristwatch.

What it is: It's a Walkie-Talkie that sits on your wrist. Press to talk and voice activation—a little on the big side, but hey, it's a Walkie-Talkie.

Here are the features:

  • Uses FRS and GMRS 2-way local communication walkie-talkie frequencies

  • 22 Channels (14 FRS and 8 GMRS)

  • 1.5 Mile Range

  • VOX Voice Activated operation

  • Digital Watch with backlit LCD

Why we like it:

We've used these in the wild at conferences, instead of trying to call other people (and discovering that the calls never going through) when covering the floor, and we've also put them to the test at an MIT swapfest—they paid for themselves ten times over.

Where to get it and how much: You can pick them up at Amazon for $24 each. There's also a "pro" version of these which cost $20 more.

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