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Nikon striking back with the D3, a new 15 megapixel digital SLR?

Peter Rojas
Nikon D2H

We were just getting used to a world with the Canon EOS-20D in it when along comes some rumors/predictions of Nikon striking back with a whole bunch of new digital cameras. The lineup of new cameras due out this fall is supposed to include:

  • The D3, a new 15 megapixel digital SLR.

  • The D200, an 8.25 megapixel upgrade to the D100.

  • The D2HS, a new version of their D2H digital SLR (which is pictured at right) with an improved 4.1 megapixel sensor.

  • The DSX, an 8.2 megapixel version of the D2HS that doubles the number of horizontal pixels.

[Via PhotographyBlog]

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