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Nokia 5140: drop it in the water

Heather Sparks

Nokia 5140You probably held your first cellphone like it was a tiny, precious baby. But now you're on, like, your fifth phone and drop-kicking it just for laughs. Nokia picked up on your mounting abuse last year and built the rugged (if not clunky and feature-poor) 5100, and now they're back with the 5140. It's got a slimmer body, a digital compass and thermometer, and a whole lot more connectivity features than the 5100, including GPRS, WAP 2.0, Java support, and infrared. It can sync to a PC, although via a separately purchased data cable. Bluetooth is absent but at least it's water resistant, with a rubber and plastic casing to protect the electronics, while the battery has its own seperate water resistant cover. The 5140 is meant for people who go to sea or something but it just feels good knowing you can keep it in your back pocket on your next trip to the bathroom (i.e. it might be unpleasant, but your phone will survive).


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