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MIT's kitchen of the future

Peter Rojas
MIT plastic container

Since we don't actually have a proper kitchen (apparently an oven is considered optional in Manhattan) we forget that there are people out there who still cook. Which is why it hurts even more to hear that MIT has a "crude mock-up of a Manhattan apartment kitchen" where they're testing the kitchen gear of the future, including plastic containers (pictured at right) with sensors that can automatically keep track of how much time you have until something goes bad and adjust the estimate depending on whether the food is stored in a refrigerator or on a countertop, oven mitts with built-in thermometers that can annoy/remind you when you need to check on something, mugs that change color depending on their temperature and can tell you when you've put too much sugar in your coffee, and reusable meltable plastic wafers that you can reshape into cups or bowls or plates or whatever it is you're short on.

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