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Free up your computer with IMfree


imfreeIf you're sick and tired of the kids taking over the family computer to IM their friends all night you can buy $99 worth of sweet relief from Motorola's IMfree. Yes we know, this product has been around for a while but has a review of it and we're pretty sure a good number of people have never heard of it before anyway. Which could be saying something. But we digress. This little handheld device uses the 900 MHz band to hold up to six chat sessions up to 150 feet from the computer (the tester got even better range). Unfortunately, you most probably won't be able to use any other 900 MHz device (like a cordless phone) at the same time, since the IMfree doesn't play well with others. Oh and no backlight, which will prevent the kids from holding late-night secret conversations after you put them to bed.

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