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The HDR-FX1, Sony's first consumer high-definition camcorder

Peter Rojas
Sony HDR-FX1

JVC came out with the first consumer high-definition camcorder last year, but Sony has just one-upped them with the HDR-FX1, their new HDV camcorder which records at 1080i and has one of those coveted 3 CCD sensor (P.S. - we should probably mention at some point that HDV is the name of the standard for consumer high-def camcorders). The would-be cineastes in the house should note that the HDR-FX1 doesn't have an option to record at 24P, a high-def format which records at 24 frames per second and is supposed to give more of a cinematic look to digital video (or you could just keep it old school and stick to 35mm).

[Thanks to everyone who wrote in with this one]

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