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We're NOT jamming: hotels say they're not blocking cellphones

Peter Rojas
C-Guard cellphone jammer

We're not trying to fuel anyone's paranoid fantasies (well, maybe we are…), but according to the  New York Times plenty of frequent business travelers are starting to suspect that the hotels they're staying at are using cellphone jammers to force them to use phone lines in their rooms. Yeah, it's totally illegal (and trust us, you don't want to get thrown in FCC jail), but hotels do rely on jacked up rates on phone calls for part of their revenue and people using their cellphones instead has cut into profits (just imagine how screwed the hotel industry would be if in-room porn-on-demand was banned). Not that that means anything since we all know how spotty cellphone reception is in general and it's not like most hotels would have to do anything special to ensure you have crappy coverage.

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