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Nokia busts it out: the 7280, the 7270, and the 7260

Peter Rojas

Nokia busts out three new phones today and we're not even sure where to start. According to the press release, the designs for the 7280, 7270, and 7260 were inspired by the 1920s, which apparently to designers in Finland means lacquer finishes and chrome lines everywhere. Here goes:

Nokia 7280
The 7280 ditches the keypad altogether and goes for a pen-shaped design and some weird new NaviSpinner controller that you're supposed to use to navigate the user interface (so how do you dial?). The 7280 also has a built-in digital camera (VGA quality only), Bluetooth, and a 208x104 pixel LCD screen. A version with EDGE should be out here in the States later this year.
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Nokia 7270Nokia 7270

We're not exactly sure who this one is going to appeal to (supposedly this one is for the ladies), but the 7270 is one of Nokia's steadily number of flip-phones, and sports a stainless steel cover, a built-in FM tuner, a VGA quality digital camera, a 128x160 pixel main display, a smaller external display. Same deal with this one, an EDGE version should be out here later this year.
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Nokia 7260
Last but not least, their new 7260. We already had an inkling about the 7260 a few weeks back, and while we weren't exactly blown away at the time, at least this thing makes sense in the context of the rest of the series. Yep, it looks a lot like the 7610, but they bump the resolution of the camera down to VGA (from one megapixel), substitute the Series 40 OS for for Series 60, and add in an FM tuner. Like the others, has EDGE, and should come in both black and white versions.
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P.S. - Is it just us, or are all these last two phones a little lacking in the Bluetooth department?

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