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The Bod Pod says, "Yes, you're fat"

Bod Pod

With a name like Bod Pod we were expecting something like an iPod vital signs app (plug in the stethoscope FireWire and MP3 your heartbeat!), but no, its really a large pod intended to measure a user's body weight and fat ratio at a highly accurate degree. We can definitely skip knowing the intimate details of our own fat ratio, but other unashamed users gear up in a bathingsuit and goggles (even though there's no water used), shut the door tight (not for the claustrophobes among us), and 5 minutes later the air displacing technology and the pod's sensors calculate the user's exact body/weight/fat ratio. So maybe you're not willing to spend $115,000 on personal humiliation, but the Bod Pod is really meant for hospitals and health centers where, for whatever reason, highly accurate body mass info is needed.

[Via PopGadget]

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