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Remember the sci-fi fake window?

fake windows

Fake computer-windows are the ubiquitous dated sci-fi gimmick that movies like Total Recall have forever banished to the schlocky prop room. Though maybe your own DIY version could work for a kitsch-themed party — or maybe not. But we're going to ignore the suggestions of the creator of The Virtual Windows project who asks "Where do you want to live today?" because we think that if you're gonna make fake window scenes, then by nature, they should be as fake as possible, since there's no way anyone will ever mistake the scene for the real outdoors. We're thinking along the lines of a Mad Max apocalyptic desert scape, or a creepy Willy Wonka-type playland. The crafty inventor uses 8 15-inch LCD panels connected to nVidia Quadro PCI video cards and an application that cycles the scene every 15 minutes. Nice, but we're thinking we'll just slap a window-frame around our $50 TV and call it a day.

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