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The ogo to get the go ahead from AT&T Wireless today?

Peter Rojas

It's only 1am here on the East Coast so we probably still have to wait a few more hours until any sort of official announcement might cross the wires, but reader Valor says that he just spoke with an AT&T Wireless customer service rep who said that the ogo, their new handheld mobile communicator for doing email and instant messaging, should be launched later today. Here's the unexpurgated scoop:

I just talked to a *very* helpful customer care representative at AT&T, who gave me a lot of information about the new "ogo". Here is everything she told me: It will cost 17.99 mo, but there is a $3/mo introductory offer (she didn't say how long the offer was good for), there will be an activation fee of $19.99, and the price of the unit is $129.99, with a $30 rebate at launch. She read me the capabilities of the unit, which included unlimited domestic text messaging (didn't know if the unit would have its own phone number) with premium and international SMS available for a fee, unlimited instant messaging, and "unlimited access to 1 premium portal" (AOM, MSN, Yahoo), as well as support for "some" other email providers. She couldn't tell me what all that included, or if it included your own IMAP/POP3 server. In the most notable news, she told me that the launch date is tomorrow, September 15!!

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