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Sony announces two new PSX models

Dan Wu

PSXDespite the PSX being a big failure, (we genuinely thought they were going to kill off the system), Sony is set to launch two new versions of their multimedia juggernaut in December for the Japanese market. The DESR-5500 and DESR-7500 will up the size of the PSX's internal hard drive to 160GB and 250GB. Not just content with just supersizing the HDD, the system now includes a pass-through for antenna signals (one of the biggest gripes users had), the DVD recorder has DVD+R format support, and it will be more TiVo-like with recording by keyword search. The new boxes, oddly enough, have no suggested retail price; instead, retailers can sell it for what they want to—we're not entirely sure we believe this, but if it's true Sony must be getting pretty desperate to unload these things over there. Sony? Desperate? We had no idea…

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