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The Actifier, silicone sucking


Either this little fella's getting a taste for hardware (mmm, silicone), or he's getting baby's first gold grill. We're thinking it's the former since it might be a little hard to fit 14 carats onto 3-month old toothless gums. The kid is sucking on the Actifier, a silicone pacifier attached to sensors, motors and a computer, which analyses sucking and swallowing patterns and teaches correct sucking technique (we're not going there). Researchers think that a proper sucking method could boost IQ and reduce developmental disabilities later in life and an NIH-sponsored study is looking into how the Actifier could help. We kind of wish we'd had one of these, then we could truthfully claim we'd been nursed by our PC, (as opposed to our current computer-nursing claims, which are all lies).

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