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Wannado while we watch you (using RFID)?

wannado city

Wannado City, a Fort Lauderdale kid-geared theme park named that so they can use the marketing slogan, "Where kids do what they wanna do!", has started issuing RFID wristbands to all incoming visitors so the kiddies can still do what they wanna do, just as long as they're being digitally tracked while they're doing it. The RFID wristband, named the SafeTZone's Real Time Locating System, is made by Texas Instruments and RF Code and is being used at 4 other theme parks around the US (Legoland in Denmark actually uses WiFi to reunite lost kids with their parents). Ostensibly the reason is that people visiting can keep track of everyone in their party, but we're thinking that the real reason behind Wannado City's turn to RFID is to keep the disgruntled kids in, since Wannado's main pitch is to offer tots a chance to try out grownup jobs (if they only knew…). Seriously, they actually offer kids career games as a "pathologist", "supermarket stock person", and "landscaper" ("gadget blogger" seems to be conspicuously absent). If we had to spend an hour playing "guess the biopsy result", or the "restock the canned corn game", we might run for the hills too.

[Via Slashdot]

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