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Sony to support MP3?

Ryan Block, @ryan
Sony Network Walkman

We have a feeling a huge shakedown is happening at Sony (may we say, thank god and about time): Sony confirmed today they're adding MP3 support to their music players, starting at first with their flash players. They claim it's because converting to ATRAC3 is inconvenient for users who constantly need to swap files to their small-capacity devices (but doesn't Sony just want us to convert our music libraries to ATRAC3 anyway?). So what, are we dreaming? Was Sony actually listening to everyone? Are they prepared to admit that ATRAC3 is a failure? We're not sure, but despite at least one MP3-compatible device (the HMP-A1) slipping through the cracks, we're hoping this indicates a huge step forward for Sony. Somebody pinch us.

[Thanks, Omar]

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