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Mobile Snoop Service

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Most times commute hours are just that half hour space you zone out in, eyes glazed over, spittle forming, and any kind of forced social bonding session sounds like true torture (well, unless you're a show 'em your O-face guy). But an artist (same one who made the sketchy Sketch-a-Move toy car) designed the Mobile Snoop Service using the 3G videophone interface, enabling voyeurs and exhibitionists to peek into fellow traveller's text messages and cellphone images. Tested on London's Bus No. 52, the passengers could sign up for the service, open up their inner cellphone data as little or as much as they wanted, and then view other's text secrets in relation to their own degree of reveal. If you let it all out then you could fully ransack the offered personal data. We're not exactly sure if the project actually worked like the artist's plan describes, or if it was more abstract concept "art", since how many people riding the No. 52 commuter bus have fancy 3G videophones? 

[Via Near Near Future]

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