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EMMA the unsexy nursebot

Peter Rojas

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EMMA hospital bot

We'll spare you the obvious jokes about hospital food (but probably won't avoid making one about the prospect of sexy nursebots), but the Delta Regional Medical Center in Greenville, Mississippi is using the Pyxis HelpMate SP Robotic Courier System to move stuff around in the hospital like meals for patients, medicine, lab samples, supplies, and medical records. Once the hospital's floorplan has been programmed into it (along with info about how to deal with the elevators), you just load the robot, which they've nicknamed the "EMMA" (which stands for Electronic Materials Management Associate") up with whatever you want to sent and then tell it where you want it to go. Too bad it looks like a photocopier on wheels, it's really ruining our secret fantasies about being tended to by futuristic nursebots.

[Via Near Near Future]

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