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New Virgin Digital Music Club offers subscription service


virgin digital music clubAmaze your friends as CD-quality music comes out of your little plastic computer speakers! Then, pay us – monthly - even if you don't listen to anything, and even if you would rather listen to it on your portable music player. That's basically what Virgin Music is proposing with its new Digital Music Club. Charging subscribers $7.99 a month, the exclusive club will "allow" you to listen to as much music as you can on your computer. As of now, you can't download tracks to a portable device – that will cost more at some point in the future. While they do offer $.99 per song purchases, the folks at Virgin are banking on the idea that digital music subscriptions are the stuff of trained consumers from the future. "Two or three years out, subscriptions will overtake à la carte because it is a much more interesting proposition," said Zack Zalon, President of Virgin Digital. Because, you know, it's just, um, more interesting to pay them every 30 days.

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