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Wood Contour's going to make your PC a woodie

Ryan Block, @ryan
Wood Contours mahogany

We know you're seeking perfect uniformity in your life, which is why we know you're going to be really excited because you can finally replicate the experience of sitting in your Mercedes Maybach (we know you have many fine automobiles, but that would be the $360,000 Mercedes, remember?) at your home PC console: for between $5,500 and $12,000 US you too can upgrade that lowly beige desktop to an exotic wood (read: endangered rainforest timber) monitor, keyboard and mouse, which each take between six and fourteen hours of hand carving to produce from single whole blocks of wood. We were going to go for Mahogany (pictured) but we thought the better of it, and now we can't decide between Chocobolo, Amboyna, and Thuya. Probably whichever will inspire the least amount of eco-guilt.
[Via bookofjoe]

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