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Molyneux apologizes for making a fun game

Ben Zackheim

This is an odd story. Peter Molyneux has posted some thoughts on the Fable forums over at Lionhead. The post has a serious tone from the start, and goes on to, essentially, apologize for Fable. "There is something I have to say," he begins. From there, he proclaims that he will not talk about his future games in lofty way. Apparently, he's smarting from criticism that Fable doesn't do all the things he's promised it would over the years. While this is true, it strikes us as strange that he should feel the need to say this, even when the game is a great one. Don't get me wrong. I don't like the idea of lofty hype for marketing sake. But I don't mind listening to the dreams of a great game-maker. Anyone who knows games at all should know our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. In preparation for a game we all get ourselves into a tizzy. But as long as a developer constantly informs the press that they are scaling back "promised features" I don't see any reason why a dreamer like Molyneux can't dream out loud.

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