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GPS-cellphone swordfish game

swordfish game

We're not sure how this Swordfish-themed, GPS-based cellphone game managed the coup that was their John Stewart's Daily Show shout out last month. Of course the show belittled the game, but hey press is press, right? To play the game, you look on your screen, see where the "swordfish" are, then move to that location to attempt to catch them. In real life, you don't "virtually" go there or any of that crap. Sounds like a whole lotta work, and miles covered, for the hollow claim that you caught a non-existent swordfish. The game is only available in Canada right now, and the company says that they are the first location based fishing game, which we're sure is true, since we're not even sure there is a market for one of these things.

[Via TechDirt]

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