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Best Buy extends their stellar, untarnished brand name into consumer electronics


Best BuyMmmm.  More Best Buy for us.  Finally, we can all own products with Best Buy's own brand slapped right on the front.  Their new in-house Insignia brand will include TVs, appliances, and computers—in other words, Best Buy is cutting out the middleman and is having random companies in South Korea and Taiwan make cheap PCs and TVs for them. As you wander the aisles looking for a new laptop, some pimply boy in blue will approach you, with something along the lines of,  "So, you're looking at the new Vaios, huh?  Pretty nice, right?  Check out this even newer Insignia - you can only get it at Best buy, too."  Oh joy of joys. Which reminds us that Best Buy tried this once before with their vpr Matrix line of PCs, and in fact the new Insignia PCs will still include the vpr Matrix logo, but real small and in the corner just in case those of you who became fans of that brand lose any faith in the new line of products. For those of you ready to get up and buy, the new Insignia line includes two Intel Pentium 4 processor desktop PC models, priced at $559 and $659 before rebates (that you may or may not ever get), respectively, and a $109 17-inch CRT monitor to go with them. It also includes a 23-inch LCD television for $1,499, and two portable DVD players, which offer 7-inch or 10-inch screens and sell for $229 and $449, respectively.  Go get 'em!

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