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Cellphone Recycling Act of 2004 passes in California


recellular used cellphonesGovernator Arnold just signed the nation's first cellphone recycling bill that requires all cellphone retailers to have a recycling program in place by July 1, 2006. The numbers are staggering: 40,000 phones are thrown out (or become obsolete) every day in California, and there is currently no law in place that forces their environmentally-friendly termination, er, disposal. The only electronic recycling program in place, the Integrated Waste Management Board, forces recycling of electronics with displays of 4-inches or larger. This, of course, does nothing for all those little Nokias.  Sounds great, right?  Did Arnold do something good for the environment just out of sheer good will?  We're not convinced: step in ReCellular, a company who has received contracts to handle the recycling. They collect cellphones at drop-off locations and recondition them for resale in developing markets or recycle unusable parts and says that they return the majority of the proceeds to the sponsoring charity or company.

[Via Mobile Gadget News]

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