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The Air Car

Peter Rojas
Air Car

We were under the impression that the Big 3 automakers, in cahoots with the Bilderbergs and/or the Trilateral Commission, bought up and then buried all the patents for a car that ran on air a long time ago (it's so obvious). But apparently fearing no sinister cabal the Luxembourg-based company Motor Developpement International is introducing the Air Car, which gets up to 50 miles on a full tank of compressed air. There are actually two versions, a small three-seater and a six-seat sedan, but with a top speed of 70mph neither will be able to outrun the Illimunati after they come after you. The upside is that the compressed air tank only takes four hours to "recharge" and you can plug it into any household socket (but then again, from a global perspective converting electricity to compressed air is remarkably inefficient and probably just means more pollution at a powerplant somewhere).

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