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BenQ's new tiny MP3 players, the Joybee 110, Joybee 125, Joybee 180

Ryan Block, @ryan
Joybee110, 125, 180

Looks like BenQ is up to it again, this time adding three new Joybee offerings in pre-holiday blitz style. If you remember, the Joybee 102 (not to be confused with the disappointing 150) still holds the title as the world's smallest MP3 player, but we hope its new brethren won't disappoint: the Joybee 110 looks suspiciously like the GoVideo ARC, and comes in a pawltry 128MB size; the 256MB Joybee 125 features a USB port like a retractable knife that pulls in and out with a switch; finally, the Joybee 180 is also 256MB, but is apparently marketed towards the ladies in the audience. No other word yet on specs, prices, or release dates, but we'll give you an estimate: pretty decent, reasonable, and soon. You go BenQ.

[Via Akihabara News]

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