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Watch this Wednesday: Sexum Adult Digital Watch


sexum watch

Last week we let a wrist watch make all our import decisions in life, and what direction to go with the Decision Maker Watch by OVO. This week our libido got the best of us and we bring you the Sexum Adult Digital Watch.

What it is:

We heard about this watch awhile ago, but we?ve yet to find one on eBay (yet). In 1981 an unknown Hong Kong company unleashed this ?XXX-Rated? wristwatch which displays various sexual acts all to the tune of ?Can Can? (seriously).

Why we like it: C?mon, it?s some hot LCD action.

Where to get it and how much: We have no idea, but we?re hoping our sex watch-crazed readership will help us turn one of these up. We?ve got alerts set up on eBay and we?re always on the prowl looking for this masterpiece of a wrist gadget.

[Thanks, Sean]

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