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Yotel, London's version of Japan's capsule hotel


Yotel, a new London hotel concept, claim they're design is based on Japan's capsule hotels, but we suspect they've never actually stepped into the curtain-covered beehive holes that are the Tokyo capsule hotels. Don't get us wrong, Yotel is swanky and say our company (given we had a company with a budget for the £70 bill) was sending us to London, we'd vote for Yotel every time. It's got an iPod connector to blast our music surround sound-style, WiFi access, and the classic Japanese hotel control panel to dictate everything from air temp to tv remote to dimmer mood lighting. But unlike Japan's capsule pods which don't allow even the ability to turn around, let alone standup, Yotel's spacious 10x12 rooms look large enough to feel roomy. We're thinking that the usual Japanese capsule hotel clientele, trashed afterwork salarymen looking for a place to pass out, might steer clear of Yotel's chic suites and just opt for the dirty hostels down the street.

[Via IDfuel]

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