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iBurnt iPod still runs


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burnt ipodThe next time you're iChilling at a bonfire with some friends and you're listening to your iPod, try strapping it on or something. Or, how about this: stay away from large exposed flames when using personal electronics.  Apparently, this poor guy got scared by a friend and dropped his iPod into a massive column of fire. And, of course, within seconds it was burnt to a crisp. The good news? The thing still works! While it's tough to fit headphones into the melted jack, the hard drive casing is warped, and the battery is all but demolished, some folks were able to get the poor little burn victim running - they even have video proof.  The moral of the story?  iPods are built fairly well, since the insides of the thing were relatively clean compared to the horror that was the shell. The other moral? Fire is hot. It burns things.

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