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New Belkin iPod accessories

Dan Wu

Belkin TunePowerWe know some of you just can't get enough of good iPod accessories and it looks like Belkin's served up some more goodies. TunePower is a $100 rechargeable battery pack that adds 8 to 10 hours of additional playback time, has three sleeve sizes to fit all iterations of iPods and the iPod mini, and has a detachable Firewire cable that can charge your player and the TunePower at the same time. We got to check this out the other night at DigitalFocus, and it's very slick and very useful so long as you're not using an iCondom. The $50 TuneBase is mini-only and lets you mount the mini anywhere with a long bendable neck; you can also power and recharge your player just by plugging it into the cigarette lighter. Both products will be shipping within two weeks.

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