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AT&T Wireless on the WiMax train


WIMax logoAT&T Wireless CTO has joined the board of Aperto Networks, a company that sepcializes in WiMax software technologies, showing a keen interest and future in WiMax. As AT&T Wireless shores up 3G services, they are already looking into WiMax solutions to both satisfy customer demand and fill any gaps their broadband services have left behind. As they get swallowed into the Cingular enterprise, expect them to release WiMax services on new wavelengths in the near future; while AT&T Wireless' customer service has been short of stellar as of late, we're glad to see them get on the WiFi train (all aboard!).  The plan is to roll out the services as soon as 2006.  We won't keep our fingers crossed (okay, maybe we will), but we'll certainly be watching, scrutinizing. You hear us, AT&T Wireless?

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