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CyberKinetics' BrainGate enables thought-control


cyberkinetics braingateKing of brings new meaning to "What will they think of next?" now that CyberKinetics have developed BrainGate, a device that allows people to control computers entirely by their thoughts.  Using a small chip with 100 neuron sensors, BrainGate has allowed a 24 year-old quadriplegic man to check email and play videogames using his thoughts. With a little chip that goes in one's noggin, the device can read brain activity at the neuron level, a first of its kind. Because of this level of interaction, the "installed" individual can control an electronic device while doing something else at the same time. So the next time you see a quadriplegic complaining about being asked to do too much, point out the multitasking 24-year old with BrainGate, so he had better get off his lazy paralyzed ass.

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