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M-Systems' MegaSIM wants to upgrade your SIM card

Ryan Block, @ryan
SIM card

What with all the hubbub about phones having this T-Flash and that miniSD slot, Israel-based M-Systems bellies up to the bar to let us know that we should all get real and ditch our measly memory-skimping SIMs (which often have at most 128KB of space) in favor of their MegaSIM, (which is still in development, mind you). Their new card, which will fit the same size and compatibility specifications of a standard SIM card, should reach capacities of up to 256MB, an unbelievable abundance of space by comparison. While we're not sure MegaSIMs are going to replace the flash memory card slot (which is still very useful for quickly  transferring multimedia data), this could open a lot of other doors for cellphones, like, say, a great place to put all those mobile apps, call logs, and SMSs you've been accumulating.

[Via GigaOm]

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