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Treo 650 won't support WiFi

Peter Rojas
Treo 650 small

Don't get us wrong, we'll be snapping one up as soon as possible, but are we the only ones who feel like palmOne skimped a little bit on the specs of the new Treo 650? It was already frustrating enough that they didn't amp up the camera (it's still VGA quality, not 1.3 megapixels like had been reported previously) or the memory (they kept it at a mere 32MB), but now you can add one more thing to the list of disappointments with the new Treo 650: it won't support WiFi. Not only will it not be compatible with palmOne's WiFi SD expansion card, apparently palmOne isn't even planning to work on a driver or otherwise add support for SD WiFi cards. We'd already given up hope about adding a WiFi card to the Treo 600, but we figured that maybe they'd have gotten it right with the Treo 650 and sorted out all the power consumption and radio interference issues that are supposedly involved. It's not like other smartphones don't have built-in WiFi.

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