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Selling the Leapster handheld for pre-teens

Peter Rojas
Leapster handheld

Have you guys seen the new TV commercial for the Leapster, that new handheld for pre-teens that LeapFrog has been pimping? Nah, we haven't either, but fortunately the New York Times dissects the ad for us in yesterday's Arts section:

In the commercial for this, an anxious-looking child announces, "All I want is a video gaming system." Suddenly his T-shirt expands to accommodate his clone, too, who adds, "And a digital arts studio"! A third appears, demanding his own digital video player. (Relieved of their loneliness by C.G.I. cloning, the kids all greet one another, poignantly, with a delighted "Dude!") And then a fourth says (by now their T-shirt is as wide as a canopy): "Plus a comic book reader!" United in dudehood, or at least in that T-shirt, they declare: "Only Leapster has it all."

We've never heard anyone, child or adult, demand a "digital arts studio", or a "comic book reader", but whatever, we really just wanted an excuse to post this photo.

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