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The new diNovo Media Desktop (again)

Ryan Block, @ryan
DiNovo Logitech Media Desktop

A lot of power users who were probably a bit disappointed by Logitech's newest release of their diNovo Media Desktop, which switched from Bluetooth to RF, still have something to look forward to: come next month their original (blue) diNovo will get a Bluetooth 1.2 upgrade—which will help sort out Bluetooth/WiFi interference issues and cut response time and increase battery life—and finally some support for something useful on the MediaPad (like iTunes, Media Player 9, Winamp 5, Yahoo! Messenger and Mail, Hotmail, and Media Center Edition 2004). Current users won't get lft in the dust though, and will get all the same functionality (except the Bluetooth 1.2, of course) in the next version of their desktop software, due out at the same time. How very mediariffic!

[Via Geekzone]

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