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Watch this Wednesday: Nixie Wristwatch


Watch this Wednesday: Nixie Wristwatch

Last week you asked us no questions and we told you no lies with the "The Truth Detector Watch". This week we're kicking it Cold War style with the Nixie Wristwatch.

What it is
Nixie Tubes use glowing bottles of ionized gas to form letters and digits, and are usually found in gear from the former Soviet Union (as opposed to the drab LEDs that litter our gadgets and home electronics). Now they've made it onto the real estate of your wrist with a Nixie Wristwatch.

Why we like it

It doesn?t get more geeky than this, a watch with Krusty brand batteries?

Watch this Wednesday: Nixie Wristwatch

To view the time simply press the button on the front of the watch to illuminate the Nixie Tubes. Daylight viewing is good, and nighttime viewing is ?like a beacon?.

Where to get it and how much
These went for $495.00 assembled, looks like they?re currently sold out?but a new model is supposedly in development and nearing completion.

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