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Siemens' Gigaset M34 USB adapter for Skype

Peter Rojas
Siemens Gigaset M34 USB Skype adapter

Doesn't look like there are any plans to sell this over here, at least not, but Siemens has made good on its promise to get behind Skype (it seems like only Monday that we interviewed their CEO—oh yeah, it was) with the Gigaset M34, a USB adapter that comes pre-loaded with Skype's Internet telephone software and wirelessly connects to several of Siemens' Gigaset handsets so that you can make Skype calls with what is basically a cordless phone rather than have to wear a headset (not that there's anything wrong with that). But what we really want is for Skype to get someone to make an analog telephone adapter (like the ones you get from Vonage) so you can just use Skype with your regular phone and without having to have anything plugged into your computer.

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