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Down on Sony Ericsson's P910 smartphone

Peter Rojas
Sony Ericsson P910

infoSync checks out the P910, Sony Ericsson's upgrade of their much-loved P900 smartphone that adds a flip-down QWERTY keyboard to the mix (and which still isn't out here). They like the nicer screen and extra memory, but the painful part is that just like pretty much everyone suspected when Sony Ericsson announced this thing a few months back, the ergonomics of the keyboard are just totally off: "Keys are easily distinguished and the character and symbol set is fully adequate, but a backlight is sorely missed. What's more, the P910i frustratingly flops all around the place when using both thumbs to enter text, yielding a usability level best suited to very short messages." Oh, and there's absolutely no support for WiFi, either. Next?

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